The//Intercept Calls Out Obama and the DOJ

In a coda to the TSA's war against Rahinah Ibrahim that I've written about here, here, and here, The//Intercept is calling out President Obama and the Department of Justice for their abuse of the state-secrets privilege.

Murtaza Hussain details how, despite their promises to invoke the privilege only in extraordinary circumstances and never to prevent the revelation of unlawful activity or avoid embarrassment, the government tried to bury Ibrahim's case by invoking that very privilege. But how else would you characterize invoking the privilege to hide the fact that Ibrahim was placed on the no-fly list by mistake when an FBI agent checked the wrong box on a form?

The//Intercept, Glenn Greenwald's new home, is off to a good start leveraging the revelations of Edward Snowden and pointing out other areas where governments falls short. Give this article a read; it demonstrates starkly how the U.S. government's security industry is out of control and beyond being held responsible for its actions.

Update: Removed superfluous ‘that’

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