Update on Slow Loading of Irreal

A quick update on the Irreal loading problems. I ran a tcpdump on a typical page load of Irreal and discovered the following:

  • The initial three-way handshake with the server completes almost immediately.
  • Immediately afterwards the GET from the browser is received and the server ACKs the request.
  • Nothing happens for about 22 seconds after which the Irreal home page starts to download. The download completes within 340 ms.

Phil wrote to say that he was seeing the same thing so I’m pretty confident that the problem is in generating the content for the home page. The same thing appears to happen anytime dynamic output is generated. I don’t understand why this suddenly started happening. Some people, such as Xah Lee, say that this has been happening for a while but it’s only recently that I’ve been seeing it. The only recent change is an automatic update to the WordPress software.

In any event, my next step was to install the W3 Total Cache plugin. I’m hoping this will make things better. If you are still seeing a 20 second or more delay on downloading the home page please let me know in the comments.

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5 Responses to Update on Slow Loading of Irreal

  1. The same problem is still there for me. :(

    • jcs jcs says:

      Rats! OK, I guess I need to do some more research because I don’t know what to try next. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Phil says:

    I’m seeing cached pages responding very quickly, and uncached pages loading slowly as before (but then re-loading quickly, of course).

  3. Xah Lee says:

    jon, my last few posts have lots typos, sorry about that. (i’d edit it but thought better not to add a new reply just to correct typos) I meant to say this didn’t happen before, only recently. Yes, the 20 sec still happens now.

  4. Dave says:

    I think that I also see cached pages loading immediately, but everything else is slow.

    At first I thought it was interesting that the home page, instead of a single page, loaded very quickly. Then I remembered… it is more likely to be in cache than the archived posts I was clicking on. (need more coffee.)

    Good luck.

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