The Aaron Swartz Legacy

I've written before about Aaron Swartz's last project, software to enable whistle blowers to communicate with news organizations anonymously. The New Yorker was the first to implement the system. Those with information about government misdeeds finally had a secure way of passing their information on to journalists.

Wired's Kevin Poulsen, who collaborated with Swartz on the project, has headed the program until now. On October 15th the Freedom of the Press Foundation took over the project and renamed it SecuredDrop.

The project has received an extensive security review by well known experts, including Bruce Schneier, that should help assuage prospective whistle blower's fears.

This is a great project that we should all support. The Freedom of the Press Foundation announcement has more details.

Update: Freesom → Freedom

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  • Thanks for bringing my attention to this! There is a small typo in the last paragraph. It says "Freesom fo the Press Foundation". Feel free to delete this comment after fixing it.

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      Fixed. Thanks.