H.R. 2818--Surveillance State Repeal Act

In my The New York Times on Encryption Backdoors post, I mentioned that Representative Russ Holt of New Jersey has introduced legislation that reins in the NSA and prohibits some of its more egregious activities. Although it doesn't go far enough in my estimation, it's an excellent start.

You can read the bill at the Congress.gov site. The link takes you to a summary of the bill but if you want to see more you can click on the Text tab to see the actual language. So far the bill has been referred to several committees (click on the Actions tab for details) but no further action has been taken yet.

Again, if you're a US citizen, I urge you to let your representative know that you support the bill.

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  • You can also go to govtrack.us and receive updates on the bill (and your representatives).