A Year of Posts

A year ago today I gave myself a challenge: make at least one post to Irreal every day for a year. Yesterday’s post successfully completed that challenge. It was harder than I thought.

The experience has given me a new respect for those bloggers who post every day or even several times a day. It’s easy to be blasé about it until you try it yourself. It’s not the writing that’s hard; that’s the easy part. Rather, finding something semi-interesting to say every day can be intimidatingly hard. I don’t, in fact, find something worth writing about every day—I have no idea how people like Sacha Chua and John Gruber do it—but I try to keep a queue of about 5 posts available for those inevitable days when inspiration doesn’t strike. Some days inspiration is banging on the door and screaming at me to let it in. On those days I can write two or more posts, thereby keeping a comfortable safety margin in the queue.

Will I keep it up? Probably. It’s become pretty much a routine by now. I won’t stress about filling every single day but my intention is that Irreal will seem pretty much the way it has for the last year.

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3 Responses to A Year of Posts

  1. js says:

    Thanks a lot for your effort — I’ve definitely learned from your posts.

  2. mbork says:

    Congratulations! I’ve set myself a goal of one post per (about) a week, and it’s not too easy for me…

    And also thanks – many, many of your posts (not only about Emacs) were very interesting for me.

  3. Sacha Chua says:

    Hooray! =)

    I learn at least one or two new things – or have at least one or two questions – every day, so there’s always stuff to write about. I enjoy writing, so I make time for it. (I procrastinate e-mail by writing blog posts! ;) ) That’s how I end up with the opposite challenge: wanting to post several items a day, but not wanting to overwhelm people! <laugh>

    Keep on writing! Don’t stress out about filling the days. The way I handle it is to schedule my posts when I find myself writing two or three in a row, so my blog publishing is smoother than my writing. (See my analysis – I go for a few days between writing bursts.)

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