This is great! It's disaster.el, a really useful tool if you write in C/C++ and can grok assembly language. What is does is compile and disassemble the C/C++ code in the current buffer. In will even jump to the code generated by the C/C++ source that the cursor is on. It uses objdump, which is part of GNU binutils so you have to have it installed. It's not installed on OS X, so you'll have to load it if you want to use disaster.el on that platform. The amazing thing about disaster.el is that it's a relatively simple package. That fact demonstrates, once again, how powerful a development platform Emacs is.

This project is almost enough to make me wish I was still writing in C. The ability to quickly look at the generated code can be a big win. Happily, CL and Slime let's me do the same thing and even Elisp lets me look at interpreted code so I won't have to go back to C.

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