An Interesting Talk On Git

Over at Ontwik, Tom Preston-Werner has a nice (video) talk on Git. I like it because instead of focusing on the mechanics of using Git, Preston-Werner shows you what Git is doing internally at each stage of the process. I wish that I'd seen this when I was learning Git; it would have made the process of coming up to speed easier.

There are a couple of problems with the presentation, neither of which are Preston-Werner's fault. It was often hard to see what he was typing because the camera was set a little low on the screen and the top line was half cut off. That's not too big an issue because his narrative was clear and it was fairly easy to fill in the chopped off text.

The bigger problem was that there were a lot of questions from the audience that were not really that important and caused Preston-Werner to run out of time. That's a shame because the talk was very interesting and informative. He did promise to clean things up and post the whole talk a little later so we can hope to see it all shortly.

Problems aside, this is a great talk and worth watching even if you are pretty familiar with Git already.

Update: your → you

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