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Zamansky on Elpy and YASnippet

Mike Zamansky has posted his latest Using Emacs video. This time the subject is Elpy and YASnippet. In his last video, Zamansky said he doesn't use Elpy because it's overkill for his purposes and also because he thought it was … Continue reading

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What if Elisp and Python Had a Child?

John Kitchin, as Irreal has covered many times, is doing a lot of excellent work with Org mode and Emacs. Most of his scientific computation is done in Python, a language he's been using for 15 years and is very … Continue reading

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Python Tools for Emacs

Sean Dague, who works on OpenStack, has a nice post on Emacs Python tools he uses to deal with the large Python code base of the project. If you work in Python, you'll want to take a look at his … Continue reading

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