This is Irreal, a blog about Emacs, Scheme, Lisp, and other geeky things that strike my fancy. The name Irreal comes from Iain M. Banks' novel Excession and refers to Metamathics, which Banks describes as

the investigation of the properties of Realities (more correctly,
Reality-fields) intrinsically unknowable by and from our own, but whose
general principles could be hazarded at.

Excession is a wonderful story and if you like SF, I recommend it without reservation.

Irreal, as it turns out, is a real word and appears all over the Internet. There are other blogs that use it in their name and there's even a band called Irreal. Needless to say, this blog has nothing to do with any of those. As far as I know, this is the only blog called simply Irreal.

The current Irreal is a WordPress version of a blog—also called Irreal—that was originally hosted on Blogger. I liked Blogger and have no complaints about it. I simply wanted to host Irreal under my own domain and, to tell the truth, be able to use org2blog to publish it because I write all the posts in Org-mode anyway and it's a lot easier to work with WordPress if you're writing in Org-mode.

  • sinners

    May you write a blog about how to fast jump in emacs.When i wirte code ,most time i can't jump fast use keyboard. it may be slower slower than i use mouse,i think perhaps something i havn't know.like this printf("%s%d",(how*2+3),fik); if was in the start of this line,i want quickly goto (how*2+3),and delete it then add something else,it may be slow or something else.Can you write a blog about the special request?

  • Thanks for the mention of my Org-mode articles on my blog. I am really enjoying Emacs and Org-mode especially, they are both helping me to keep things simple and yet do great things.

    I am currently working on articles to show how I create presentations as HTML5 web pages from Org-mode files, all without having to write any HTML, CSS or JavaScript. I am putting the resulting presentations up on the web via Github pages: jr0cket.github.io.

    Thank you.

    • jcs

      I saw the first one; it's in my queue of things to write about.

  • thapakazi

    i wonder if the blog is still in wordpress :P

    Recently I have stumbled upon this post http://www.holgerschurig.de/en/emacs-blog-from-org-to-hugo/ and started my blog journey https://zeronepal.github.io/post/partial_publish/

    In gist,
    a new post in my blog = (org file, a lisp function: M+g h, bunch of properties/tags, a export with generator a.k.a hugo, and a magit push)
    Its all static now, but with some tinkering in futrue, hoping to reach some nirvana :)

  • zumzimzom

    Most of your posts appear with a "broken image" on various feed readers: http://i.imgur.com/9tWKune.png

    • jcs

      See here for an explanation. Now that Grant has fixed the org2blog issue, I'm back to using em-dashes that don't cause the problem so you shouldn't see that anymore.