Literate Programming and GTD With Org Mode

Over at Eden Cardim's Blog, there are a couple of nice posts about GTD (Getting Things Done) with Emacs Org Mode. One interesting thing about the posts is that Cardim uses the Literate Programming approach to his .emacs file but in a slightly different way from what I described in my Cleaning Up My Emacs Environment post. He keeps everything in a single file but puts the snippets of Emacs Lisp in code blocks and surrounds it with commentary explaining why he made a particular setting. In fact, the post is actually an exported portion of his file: the one file is used to build his .emacs and also to blog about it. Very nice. I've never been able to warm up to Literate Programming but I do appreciate the elegance of Cardim's approach. The post gives a link to github where you can download his original file and see how he put it together. Well worth a look, especially if you think you might like his approach.

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