I'm just starting a Lisp project that, among other things, involves fiddling with dates. Working with dates isn't particularly hard but it's also not very rewarding. Oddly, Common Lisp doesn't have any functions to format and manipulate dates. I certainly didn't want to write a bunch of uninteresting code so I fired up Quicklisp to see what was available. Happily, I found the Simple-Date-Time library that did all the things I wanted it to.

The only problem was that there are a lot of functions but no documentation other than the doc strings in the functions. I thought about writing a quick script to extract them for use as documentation when I thought that this was surely something that someone else had already done. So I fired up Quicklisp again and found Edi Weitz's DOCUMENTATION-TEMPLATE library. I had Quicklisp retrieve it for me, loaded it at the REPL, typed

(create-template 'simple-date-time :target #P"~/Desktop/dt.html")

and ended up with nicely formatted html documentation that I added to the documentation stack in my browser.

Sadly, it only works with LispWorks, SBCL, and AllegroCL but if you have one of those systems and need some documentation for a library, this is a quick and easy way to generate it. If you want to see what the finished product looks like, here is the documentation for DOCUMENTATION-TEMPLATE generated with DOCUMENTATION-TEMPLATE.

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