Elisp Challenge No. 2

The other day, I found a reference to the Add-A-Gram puzzle, which is one of the retired challenges from ITA Software for prospective employees. Today's challenge is to solve the Add-A-Gram puzzle with Emacs/Elisp. I'll give a solution next week.

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  1. Xah Lee says:

    that's a very interesting challenge, on several levels i think. The algorithm aspect is interesting because one could go all the way by a search tree to ensure longest resulting word. Or, one could use a algorithm that words fastest (such that the ratio of wordlength/time is better than exhaustive search above for n runs.). Exactly where is the balance isn't known neither until one does some. I think frequency of letter also matters, but possibly also order, letter pair/triad, when one wants the second characteristics.

    then, implementation also comes into play. i think good/lousy implementation could differ a lot on speed/memory footprint.

    very interesting problem. Thanks for the post.

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