Note Taking With Org

I written a few posts recently about how I use Org mode to organize my projects and life (1, 2) so of course I was interested to see Da Zhang's post on how he uses org-mode as the ultimate note taking tool. It turns out that he uses many of the same strategies that I do but he has some interesting additions.

For example, he exports each of his Org note files to HTML so he can view it in his browser. He also has a little bit of Elisp code that automates some of the tasks involved in taking notes such as adding the header information to the top of the file.

If you use Org mode and want some ideas on how to integrate it more tightly into your work flow, you should take a look at Zhang's post.

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  • Rodney M. Wise

    There hardly anybody found who denies about benefits of note taking. Though it is beneficial, many students don't like to do it. Because of doing this they have to write continuously.But, now, they needn't write a note by hand.They can use the technology.We can found easily many online tools, software, android apps etc to make it. Org tool is a tool like that.It is effective and helpful.Thank you for sharing.