MathJax Tips

Over at John Cook’s TeX Tips there’s a pointer to a very nice MathJax
basic tutorial and quick reference
. It’s especially handy for those
who don’t use \mathrm{\LaTeX} all the time but occasionally want to
include a bit of mathematics in a blog post. It by no means covers
everything but there’s enough there to probably get you through adding
a quick formula or two to a post.

The very first tip is something that I didn’t know. When you’re
looking at a Web site with some MathJax generated mathematics can you
can see the \mathrm{\LaTeX} source by right clicking on the formula
and choosing Show Math AsTeX Commands. That will open another
tab with the \mathrm{\LaTeX} source.

The cheat sheet is definitely worth bookmarking if you’re not a
\mathrm{\LaTeX} expert but sometimes want to include some
mathematics in a post.

Postscript: After writing this, I came across this macOS application
that lets you take a screenshot of an equation and output the LaTeX
. If the tip about right clicking on a MathJax-displayed
equation to display the \mathrm{\LaTeX} appeals to you, you should
check out Mathpix.

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