Mu 1.0

Good news for all you mu/mu4e users:

I’ve really been looking forward to the “format equals flow” support in the mail reader so of course I downloaded and installed it right away. If you’re a Mac user, the 1.0 version has not yet reached the Homebrew distribution but if you’re compiling it yourself, it’s just a matter of the usual configure, make, sudo make install dance. It worked without problem for me on macOS and will, I’m sure, be just as easy on Linux. Once you’ve installed the new software, be sure to do a

mu index --rebuild

to update your index.

Except for one problem, everything is working flawlessly. The problem is that when I open the inbox or even search for, say, new and unread messages, I get several already deleted messages listed as well. If I do the search manually with

mu find flag:new flag:unread

I get the correct messages listed.

I’m guessing that this is some problem with my configuration because I don’t see how even a minimal check—let alone the three 1.0 alpha releases that the developers made—could miss something like this. I haven’t had any time to devote to tracking down the problem yet so I don’t know what’s going on. If you’re seeing the same thing, please leave a comment so that I don’t waste time bebugging my configuration and so I can let the developers know.

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  • Joost Kremers

    The option is called `mu4e-headers-include-related' and its default value was changed from `nil' to `t'. So it's a feature, not a bug. :-)

    • jcs

      Thanks, Joost. I actually managed to figure it out once I noticed that the extra messages were from the same thread as a current one (see today's post).

  • Daniel Doherty

    Note on ubuntu: I had to
    sudo make install.

    • jcs

      Right, thanks. For some reason that I've never bothered to pursue, the autogen step is not required on the Mac. IIRC, it fails if you try.