Emacs 26 Pretest #2

Nicolas Petton has announced that Emacs pretest 26.0.91 is out and available for testing. It’s the second pretest for the upcoming Emacs 26.1. If you don’t mind living on the edge a little, give it a try and help out with the testing.

As always, thanks to Nicolas, Eli, John, and all the others who have worked so hard to bring us Emacs 26.

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  • Kaushal Modi

    If you don’t mind living on the edge a little

    I wouldn't even called it "living on the edge a little".. it's not on any edge.. the emacs-26 branch, seems like, has been super-stable for ages (quite a few months). Just install it! :)

    • jcs

      That's why I said, "a little." Some folks are super conservative about installing software that's not officially fully baked. I agree, though. Emacs 26 is probably already as stable as Emacs 25.