Ivy 0.10.0

Abo-abo has released Ivy 0.10.0. It’s the result of 8 months work and has several new features. One that I like, is that you can force acceptance of your input when you’re on the first candidate by scrolling up to the input with Ctrl+p. That’s much nicer than having to use Ctrl+Meta+j (which is still available). You have to enable this feature with

(setq ivy-use-selectable-prompt t)

presumably because it will interfere with the ivy-wrap functionality if you have it enabled.

Another nice feature is being able to use Ctrl+d to delete entries in an occur list. Abo-abo gives an example use case for it in his post.

Finally, there are a bunch of new counsel commands. Most of them are specialized to rare situations (at least for me) but you may find that one or two of them are useful in your work flow.

The post describes the most interesting new features but there’s also a complete changelog that you can browse if you’re interested in all the details. As I’ve said before, the Ivy/Swiper/Counsel suite is my most used and useful package. It’s extraordinary how much friction it removes from my workflow. If you aren’t already using it, I urge you to give it a try.

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