Pandoc 2

There’s a new Pandoc available that has a ton of new features and improvements. You can see the (substantial) list of new features in the Pandoc 2.0 release notes. There’s also a Pandoc 2.0.1 release with a few bug fixes and cleanups.

There are many improvements in the processing of Org files—both reading and writing. If you’re writing in Org you can use ox-pandoc to publish your document in a large number of formats right from Emacs. Even if ox-pandoc doesn’t support your desired format, you can still call Pandoc directly to output in any of the Pandoc supported formats.

Follow the Pandoc 2.0.1 link to get the the latest binary for your platform. If you have Haskell installed and want to build it yourself, there’s also source code available.

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  • cpbotha

    Thank you for the great tip! I am a heavy orgmode user, but I was not yet using ox-pandoc!