Emphasize LaTeX Code in an Org Buffer

A couple of months ago, Ben Maughan over at Pragmatic Emacs posted a tip that I pretty much ignored at the time but have since come to embrace. The tip is simple: it’s how to make \LaTeX markup stand out a bit more in an Org buffer. It doesn’t seem like much but it turns out to be nice for quickly spotting \LaTeX markup in an Org file.

As usual, the facility is more flexible than just dealing with \LaTeX. You can highlight any of \LaTeX markup, super- and subscripts, or entities. It’s just a variable taking a list of what you want to highlight so it’s easy to experiment with it and just turn it off (by setting it to nil) if you decide you don’t like it.

Right now, I have it set to highlight \LaTeX and entities. Highlighting entities makes it easy to pick out UTF-8 characters, which is sometimes useful. In the future, I’ll have to remember not to ignore tips from Maughan.

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  • For the lazy like me

    (setq org-highlight-latex-and-related '(latex script entities))