Emacs Rocks! #17: Magit

Magnar Sveen is back with another Emacs Rocks!. This time he discusses Magit. He starts by saying how Magit gives you all the information you need without having to invoke several git commands on the command line. Then he suggests that rather than doing a pull to update the local repository, you should fetch the data instead. That allows you the opportunity to check out the changes and stay up with the code base.

Sveen goes on to demonstrate some of features of git/Magit such as committing chunks instead of whole files, spinning off changes to a new branch, and editing a commit. He goes through that material fairly quickly so it’s a bit harder to follow. Part of the problem is that he has highly customized key sequences so it doesn’t make sense to show his keystrokes as he did in his earlier videos.

Still, it’s a great video and if, for some reason, you’re not already a Magit user, this video may convince you to give it a try. The running time is just 2 minutes 39 seconds so you watch it whenever you like.

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