Kitchin on Org Entities

Last week I wrote Olivier Berger’s tweet pointing at org-entities-help and remarked what a boon it was to me because I can never remember the names of encodings. Yesterday, John Kitchin commented that he has written a bit of code for inserting org-entities (as well as the \LaTeX or HTML encodings or even the glyph itself). There are two functions: one that works with Helm and another that works with Ivy.

These are really nice because you can use the Helm/Ivy filtering to narrow down to the entity you want. For example, if I want a ā€˜Uā€™ with an umlaut, I bring up the function, type “uu” and Ivy narrows the choices down to the two entries (capital and lower case) with an umlauted U, Ɯ. If I just type Return, the UTF glyph is inserted. If I type Meta+o (in Ivy, Helm, presumably, has a similar mechanism) I get a menu that allows me to enter the org-entity, \LaTeX, or HTML encodings.

Unless you’re participating in a discussion, most of you won’t see the comments for a particular post so I’m writing this up separately so that everyone can all take advantage of Kitchin’s excellent contribution.

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