Reading EPUBs in Emacs

In yet another win for moving your digital life into Emacs, wasamasa has released nov.el, a package for reading EPUBs in Emacs. Until now, I have always opted to get digital content as PDFs rather than EPUBs or MOBIs because of the great tools in Emacs for reading and annotating PDFs.

Now, thanks to wasamasa, we have the ability to read EPUBs in Emacs too. This would be even better, of course, if publishers would give up DRM. Until that happy day, we’ll have to continue using proprietary apps for reading most books but wasamasa’s package is a great start.

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  • Michael Alan Dorman

    Unless of course you use plugins to calibre (plus outdated versions of vendors' software) to download and break the DRM on the EPUBs you by as a matter of course...

  • You might want to consider moving to Poland - or at least learning Polish;-). The vast majority of ebooks in Poland are sold as pdf/mobi/epub bundles without any DRM. (And surprisingly, this is apparently thanks to Amazon. The rumor that Amazon was opening a Polish branch was there looming over Polish bookstores for a few years or so, and so they decided that this was one of the few ways they could actually compete against it. Or that is a story I heard, at least. Funnily enough, there is still no Polish branch of Amazon...)

    • jcs

      It's amazing to me the American publishers haven't figured this out. Amazon, of course, loves DRM because it allows them to lock in users. Meanwhile, they're busy destroying the publishers and squeezing every last drop of blood out of them. But still the publishers insist on DRM to "protect" their IP.

  • What great tools for PDF do you use?

    • jcs

      Nothing very exciting. I use the excellent pdf-tools or the macOS preview app to read and annotate them and I produce them (in order of my current usage) with Org mode, ACUTeX, or Groff.