Note Taking with Org Mode

Heikki Lehväslaiho has a nice series of 4 blog posts on how he takes notes with Org mode. He lists the first three posts in each entry but not the fourth; it’s here.

The last two posts are particularly interesting. He talks about how he takes notes from his Elfeed buffer and from his phone. Elfeed has some built-in methods for capturing links but Lehväslaiho’s method makes it speedy and easy. If, like me, you’re more interested in forming Org mode links, it would be easy to slightly modify his elfeed-link-title function to make the link and perhaps query you for the link description instead of using the title.

If you’re using an Android phone, Lehväslaiho shows how to get notes from the phone into an Org file using a package he wrote. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to work for iPhones

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  • Very cool! The code that he gives needs to be included inside use-package for setting up elfeed for it to work. Use the code he links to in the Gist he has at the bottom of the page:

    The gist code already formats links for org-mode! I've been using this all morning, it fills an important hole in my workflow when I moved from Digg Reader to elfeed. In firefox I use the Copy As Org plugin, so that I can copy any tab or link as an org link. Then I pull up a popup org-capture window and paste the link. Now I can do the same thing from within elfeed without having to hit 'b', open the post in the browser, and use the browser plugin to yank the link.