Tips for Writing LaTeX documents

Speaking of \LaTeX —as we were yesterday—Diomidis Spinellis, who’s the Editor and Chief and IEEE Software and who has written hundreds and papers and books in \LaTeX has a nice set of tips for writing LaTeX documents.

He has the usual advice about using the \LaTeX language but also mentions such things as source control, make files for building documents, style files, and recommended third-party packages. If you are writing with LaTeX, it is well worth your while to take a look at Spinellis’ advice. It’s relatively short and mentions all those little things that I, at least, always forget—do footnote indicators go before or after punctuation, for example.

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  • In this post you wrote the word LaTeX. And it looks typeset like in a latex document. How did you write it in org-mode to look this nice in wordpress?

    • jcs

      Doh! My reply is above.

  • jcs

    Enter it as $LaTeX$. Once you see it, it seems obvious but it's not what I'd call intuitive.

    • Thank you.

      • I do not so this tags shows up as $latex LaTeX$ instead of how you have it. What plugin do you have installed that supports this?


        • jcs

          Yeah, I should have mentioned MathJax. Sorry. The MathJax folks said they were doing away with the CDN network as of June (I think) but things keep working for me. Perhaps it's the plug in I use. In any event, in the worst case you'll have to host the MathJax JavaScript yourself.

          • jcs

            Ah, here's why it's still working. I'd forgotten about this. The post also has further info on configuring org2blog to use MathJax.

          • Oh I see. I had done this. I didn't know about the Org MathJax stuff. I will go study that.