Zamansky 34: ibuffer and emmet

Mike Zamansky is back with the 34th video in his excellent Using Emacs series. This time he considers ibuffer and emmet. Most of you probably already know about ibuffer. I’ve used it since I started with Emacs and really prefer it to the default list-buffers. It turns out that it has some nice filtering and organizational capabilities that you might not be aware of. Zamansky covers these and points to a post by Martin Owen in case you want to see it written down.

The other package that Zamansky covers is emmet-mode, a fork of zencoding-mode. It’s a sort of super snippet package for HTML and CSS. It’s hard to describe so I’ll let you watch Zamansky’s video to see it in action. Arjen Wiersma has a slightly longer video that covers the same material. If you work with HTML or CSS you really want this package. There’s probably a bit of a learning curve (the cheat sheet is huge) but once you learn the basic patterns it has a certain tractive logic that makes it easier than it appears at first.

Zamansky’s video is just short of 11 and a half minutes so it should be easy to schedule some time for it while the coffee is brewing. Zamansky recommends that you take a look at Wiersma’s video too. That video is 12 and three quarter minutes so, again, it shouldn’t be hard to fit it in.

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  • I was a little leery of the emmet mode learning curve until I discovered it's killer feature -- you don't have to learn anything. type any tag name you want and hit C- and it expands so you can learn the shorthand as you go along.

    h1 C- becomes


    mycustomtag C- becomes

    so you can really get started quickly and pick up the shortcuts as you go.