Quick Check on Files With counsel-ag

The more I use swiper and counsel to more impressed I become. On reddit’s Emacs subreddit, the_whalerus asks how he can take a peak at files he found with counsel-ag to decide which one he wants to work on. As is often the case, abo-abo himself replied with the solution.

He gives two answers. The first and easiest is just to press or hold down Ctrl+Meta+n to check the buffers possibly skipping some with Ctrl+n or Ctrl+v. The other is to use ivy-occur by pressing Ctrl+c Ctrl+o and then choosing the desired files from the occur buffer. See abo-abo’s answer for more details.

You might not think this is worth remembering but to the_whalerus it was the difference between using ivy or switching to helm. If you often find yourself looking at the results of a counsel-ag search and trying to figure out which file(s) you want to visit, this tip could be just what you need.

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