Irreal Is 6

Today Irreal, in its current incarnation, is six years old. For the last 5 years I’ve posted pretty much everyday.

In its original incarnation as a Blogger blog, I had in mind that Irreal would be mostly about Scheme and Lisp and would feature answers to the exercises in SICP. Things turned out differently, of course, and now I write mostly about Emacs, Security, and government surveillance on its citizens.

Six years (or 8 if you count the original Irreal) seems like a long time but then I look at people like Sacha Chua who’s been blogging so long it seems as if she must have started when she was her daughter’s age. So as much as the idea of retiring and living off the generous Irreal International Pension Fund sometimes seems attractive, I’ll probably just keep on pounding out prose until my long suffering readers beg for mercy and start throwing tomatoes.

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