Using Babel Video

Rainer Köenig has a new video in his OrgMode tutorial series. This time he takes a brief look at using Babel in Org files. The video is a bit limited because, as Köenig admits, he doesn’t have very many use cases for source code in Org files and he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about things he doesn’t use himself.

Still, the video is a useful introduction to Babel and covers everything you need to get going. Köenig demonstrates running shell code and a Graphviz dot file to draw a graph.

The video is just short of 15 minutes so you may have to schedule some time. It’s definitely worth watching, especially if you aren’t familiar with Babel.

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  • Babel comes off as only-good-for-complicated-programming-stuff when it is really so friendly and applicable for normal stuff too. Here is a silly example for writing plain old Org documents that is a lot more fun than writing it in LaTeX (though you can easily publish the example to LaTeX :) )! And it only uses Org, no programming required! :