Introduction to Spacemacs

If you’re an Emacs n00b coming from Vim or if you just like modal editing, you should take a look at Spacemacs. Many say it combines the best aspects of Vim and Emacs. Some even claim that it heralds the end of the editor holy wars. I doubt that last claim but I do think that Spacemacs is an excellent solution for Vim users who want an Emacs environment without giving up modal editing or having to learn a new set of key sequences.

Jon Canady has a nice video that serves as an introduction to/demonstration of Spacemacs. He approaches the topic as a developer so he shows how to use Spacemacs as a development environment. Take a look at the video and see if it provides a comfortable IDE for you. The video is just short of 8 minutes so it’s easy to find time to watch it.

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