Abo-abo on Implementing a C++ IDE on Emacs

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Baris Yuksel’s videos on making an Emacs C++ IDE. Today, I saw a post by abo-abo on how he improved his Emacs C++ environment. Abo-abo says he was motivated to improve his environment when he needed to do some C++ work for his job.

The first thing he did was to get RTags working. The RTags developers claim that it works a bit better than the other solutions, such as GNU global, for C++ so if you’re a C++ programmer, you might want to give it a try.

The second thing he did was to install irony for completion. This follows pretty much the same process that Yuksel used. Of course, he also integrated into his counsel package so that the normal counsel regex tricks work. He has some screen shots of this in his post.

If you follow Yuksel and abo-abo, you can have a first rate C++ IDE pretty easily.

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  • Maxim Egorushkin

    I wonder whether emacs c++-mode can handle C++11/14 keywords, lambdas and template closing `>>` without spaces between brackets yet? Or is there a better C++ mode?