Emacser Defined

There’s a lot of truth in that, of course, but we’re planning on saving that 1 keypress millions of times.

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  • Terence Parr's Motto: “Why program by hand in five days what you can spend five years of your life automating?” might come to mind here. Maybe.

    • jcs

      Five years may be a little harder to amortize. Not that that would stop a true Emacser, of course.

  • It behoves Emacser's to elaborate on this. The process of defining a key layout is creative, surprising and fun. It isn't like how 99% of non-Emacsers think it works unnaturally and painfully just for the sake of re-use (even one million times) and LISP elegance. It is natural and pleasant and hasn't got anything to do with LISP, really. The cool thing is that answers to questions in setting up your keybindings (and entire system) often reveal themselves much to our delight.

  • gromzly

    I've got this pinned to the wall beside my monitor: https://xkcd.com/1205/