Going to the Nth Paragraph in Emacs

The Emacs Stack Exchange has an interesting discussion on how to navigate to the nth paragraph in an Emacs document. The original questioner noted that although there is a function to navigate to the n^\text{th} line, there is no corresponding function to navigate to the n^\text{th} paragraph.

If you’re like me and hardly ever need to do this, the easiest thing is to move to the beginning of the buffer and use Meta+} with a numeric argument of the paragraph number you want to go to. For example, to move to the 7th paragraph you would type Meta+< Meta+7 Meta+}1.

If you do this a lot, one of the answers provides a function, that essentially does the above, that you can bind to a convenient key sequence.



Or Ctrl+7 Meta+} if you don’t map Meta+n to a numeric argument

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