An Emacs Workflow

Andreas Gerler has a nice post on how he leverages Emacs to lessen the friction of his workflow. All Emacs users do that, of course. What struck me about Gerler’s post is that he takes a literate devops approach, as exemplified by Howard Abrams, to his everyday work.

A lot of that is simply taking notes in Org mode as he goes along and adding code blocks to actually perform his commands. The result is a thorough log of what he did, the results, and why he did it. That’s really useful for multi-day projects where it’s easy to forget what you did yesterday or the day before.

Another aspect of his strategy that I like is the use of small Elisp functions or keyboard macros to do small repetitive tasks. He gives a couple of example of that sort of thing that are worth taking a look at.

The post is really just an outline of what he does and I wish he had gone into more detail because I found many of his ideas useful. Perhaps you will too so take a look and see.

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  • That is a nice article. It doesn't go to deep into detail and that is probably good. It is revealing of the elegance of simple ideas that are easily combined into something powerful. Given the love of the "text based interface" I'm always surprised that there isn't a lot of love out there for Emacs given it is exists for working with plain text.