Zamansky 30: Elfeed (2)

Mike Zamansky has video number 30 up in his Learning Emacs series. It’s the second video in his series about Elfeed, an RSS reader for Emacs.

Zamansky says that he generally likes Elfeed but that it’s inconvenient to jump to a category of feeds. For example, if you want to see all the entries tagged “Emacs” you have to type in a longish search string. Zamansky solved this with a hydra. He types one key to bring up the hydra and then another to choose the category he wants to see. That works well and makes navigating your feed almost frictionless.

If you’d like to try Elfeed, you’ll want something like Zamansky’s solution to speed things up. The video is a little over 11 minutes so it should fit well in a coffee break.

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  • Next video talks about making the Hydra automatically.