Emacs as a LaTeX Editor

Piotr Kazmierczak has a nice post on how to configure Emacs as a LaTeX editor. That involves AUCTeX, of course, but there’s some nonobvious configuration that can make things a bit better.

At one time, everybody not using Word or one of its evil offspring pretty much worked in \LaTeX and if you were an Emacs user it would be silly not to use AUCTeX. These days it’s easier to just write in Org mode and export to \LaTeX. For nontechnical documents that’s certainly easier but even for serious scientific writing you can probably get by with Org mode as John Kitchin has demonstrated more than once.

Still, sometimes it’s convenient to drop into \LaTeX and AUCTeX and for those times, Kazmierczak’s post is helpful. Get it set up and when you need it, it’s there.

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  • Creating letters in Org-Mode and exporting them though LaTeX with KOMA-Script rocks. It is pretty tough to recommend Emacs based solutions to my non-Emacs friends when they can do it all in Pandoc. Everything good in Emacs gets copied outside of Emacs, and vice-versa. Thank goodness because that makes for a great world!

  • Karl

    The devil is in the details. If you want to get an optimal result, you have to go (at least) to the LaTeX layer in order to be able to ring the bells and whistles to get a decent result: http://karl-voit.at/2015/07/26/LaTeX-typography/

    If you refer to scientific paper writing, it depends on your research community and their habits. In most research communities, you have to follow different template rules for every paper. Each conference or journal is providing their own LaTeX template which has to be used. In such a situation, working with Org-mode export gets very tedious. You have to invest hard work to make Org-mode export follow the (weird) template. I once did this for a demonstration for the ACM template: https://github.com/novoid/orgmode-ACM-template I am not sure whether or not this template still works with an up-to-date Org-mode as I don't use it any more by myself and Org-mode itself is also a moving project that breaks things from the past.

    I had a short conversation about the template issue with John Kitchin. He is in the very fortunate situation that his scientific community does not use different, more or less fortune LaTeX templates for every journal and conference.

    So if you don't have the need to follow given template formats and you don't have the urge to optimize your typographic experience, Org-mode export is probably a very good choice.