Another Emacs/GCal Solution

Last month, I had three (1, 2, 3) posts on how people are integrating their Google Calendars with Emacs. The common idea was to be able to see some or all of the calendar items in Emacs. Mike Zmansky’s solution goes further and allows you to move data in both directions so that you can add data to your Google Calendar from Emacs.

James Williams has his own take on the problem. Like Zamansky, he uses org-gcal to move entries between Emacs and GCal. He also uses emacs-calfw to get a nice calendar-like display.

Even if you’re not a GCal user, you may be interested in emacs-calfw. It can be configured for use with Org, Emacs diary, iCalendar (GCal, iCal, etc.), and howm.

These four solutions for integrating GCal show again how easily you can adapt Emacs to your workflow. And, of course, how you can spend most of your time in Emacs.

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