Another Recommendation for Which-key

A few days ago I wrote about Mike Zamansky’s video on rectangles. Most of my commentary involved ways of dealing with the difficulty of remembering the rectangle commands and their key chords. One of the solutions I discussed was which-key, a good solution requiring only that you remember that the prefix for rectangle shortcuts is Ctrl+x r.

Since there’s a new version of which-key out

this seems like a good time to repeat how much I like it. I’m still using the default configuration and it’s working really well for me. If I pause while typing a shortcut, which-key automatically pops up a buffer showing all the completions. Once I type some more, the popup disappears so it’s pretty unobtrusive.

All this makes which-key ideal for commands like those involving rectangles that you probably don’t use that often. You can, of course, type Ctrl+h after the prefix to see the completions but I like that which-key automatically provides them if I stop to think in the middle of a key sequence. I also like that the which-key popup disappears automatically unlike the buffer you get with Ctrl+h.

If you don’t have which-key installed, give it a try. It pretty much stays out of your way until you need it. Definitely recommended.

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  • That is nice. My workflow for remembering functions is so basic. The first 10 times that I use it I just write it down or search the Internet when I forget. On the 11th time I put it into the uber-hydra that does everything. That is how I remember instead of putting it into my notes. After I use it 100 times then I find its very own keybinding. That is how functions find a home in my keymap lol.

  • Lev Lamberov

    It is not a new Emacs package (or new version of which-key). It is a Debian package. That it, now it is possible to install which-key from the official Debian archive using apt-get or and other APT-based package manager. For those who interested there is Debian Emacs Addons Packaging team:

    • jcs

      Ah. OK, I misunderstood the tweet. Thanks for the clarification. All that said, new version or not I highly recommend which-key.

      • Lev Lamberov

        And I also highly recommend it. ;-)