MobileOrg Web Site

As I wrote a few days ago, there’s a new version of MobileOrg for iOS. If you’re an Org user and have an iOS device, this is a nice way of taking your Org files with you. You don’t get the full Org experience, of course, but you can take notes, search your Org files, and change the status of items.

I just noticed that there’s a nice MobileOrg Web site that explains what the app can do and how to set it up to sync with either Dropbox or WebDAV. The directions for setting things up are step-by-step so it should be easy to get things going.

I’ve still been too lazy to set mine up but these directions make it seem so easy that I will probably do that shortly. George Moutsopoulos notes that if you are an Android user, you should check out Syncorg or Orgzly. I’m not an Android user so I don’t know anything about them except that I have heard good things about Orgzly.

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