Identifying an Emacs Commit

Marcin Borkowski (mbork) posted a handy bit of knowledge that I didn’t know about. If you’re one of the public benefactors willing to use the development versions of Emacs and report the bugs you find, you’ll want to submit the exact version you’re using so the developers have the right context. When you’re compiling from git source that means the git commit hash.

Mbork tells us that the emacs-repository-get-version function will return the commit hash and gives us a bit of Elisp that will insert the Emacs version and commit information into the current buffer. That’s just what you need when filling out a bug report.

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  • Kaushal Modi

    The emacs-repository-version variable also gives that same information. It is set automatically when you build emacs locally. I use an emacs-version-dev function defined as follows:

  • Kaushal Modi

    Also, M-x report-emacs-bug will auto-insert the emacs-repository-version value in the email message body if that variable is non-nil (if you built emacs locally).

  • Print KBO

    Just wondering if you could filter out posts such as these that are nothing but repeats of emacsen feeds? Maybe use another tag besides "emacs" on your website. Or reduce the impact of your feeds by making them short with just a link to the original. Your re-posts are longer, less clear, and often condescending toward new users. Emacs users don't deserve this. Thanks for understanding.