Resolving Merge Conflicts with magit-ediff

A while back I was whining about never remembering how to resolve a merge conflict and took note of thapakazi’s recommendation to use smerge. In the comments, Irreal regular Phil strongly urged me to get comfortable with ediff and use that. Phil always has good advice so I resolved to do that but life, as they say, intervened and I haven’t been as conscientious as I should be about reading the ediff manual.

Today I came across a post by Leonardo Etcheverry over at Coderwall that has a short and useful tutorial on using magit-ediff to resolve merge conflicts. As Phil said, there’s really not much to remember and using it would probably help me learn to use ediff for other tasks as well. Unless you have established muscle memory for dealing with merge conflicts, you should take a look at Etcheverry’s post.

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