How to Fix Swiper Search Failure

I woke up yesterday and started working only to become sad. As soon as I tried to do a swiper search I got the error

Wrong type argument: window-live-p

I've come to depend on swiper and hated to be without it. It's all Zamansky's fault; his Searching a Swiper video got me hooked and now I can't live without it. I compensated by using isearch-backward, which is still bound to Ctrl+r, but I was bummed to be without the swiper functionality.

I thought that abo-abo would have it fixed pretty quickly but when a day went by without resolution I did a little investigation. It turns out that it's easy to fix this. I deleted and reinstalled both swiper and counsel and everything started working again. It may be that one or the other of them is sufficient but the whole operation for the two of them at once was so fast I'd just reinstalled them both.

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