Emacs Configurations for LaTeX

There's been a lot of tweets and posts on Reddit lately asking about Emacs configurations to support writing \TeX and \LaTeX. Here's an example from anasrchid. He asks the typical question: how should I configure Emacs and what packages should I install to give me a pleasant \TeX environment?

What's nice about this discussions is that he gets lots of good suggestions and adds an edit that lists a very nice final configuration. Basically, it's to install

  • AUCTeX
  • RefTeX
  • PDF Tools
  • SyncTeX
  • magic-latex-buffer

If you follow the link to nasseralkmim's animated gif, you can see this setup in action. It looks pretty nice. You get the power of AUCTeX, nice formatting of symbols in the source buffer, an automatically generated output PDF that reflects your changes as you make them, and easy navigation between the PDF and source buffer. Take a look, I think you'll be impressed.

Of course, you need to do a bit of configuration as well, but there's also a link to nasseralkmim's configuration. It's an Org file so it's easy to follow and navigate in. Look at the configuration sections for the above tools to see how he's got things set up.

If you only occasionally use the full power of \LaTeX, it may be easier to do everything from Org mode but if you write a lot of scientific papers, the suggestions in this post are excellent. Be sure to read the comments too.

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