Mark Rectangle

If you're like me you don't often have occasion to mark rectangles so it's easy to forget how simple it is to do. Here's a nice reminder from Tony Garnock-Jones.

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  • Phil

    "All these years" being less than two -- that mode and binding was introduced in 24.4.

    Emacs has had other rectangle editing features for much longer, of course! See C-x r C-h, and also the documentation for the rectangle features of cua-selection-mode in the commentary at M-x find-library RET cua-base

    • jcs

      Yeah, those older bindings are the ones I remember.

      • Phil

        Likewise. I use rectangle commands pretty frequently but, while I know that rectangle-mark-mode exists, I always just use the bindings I'm familiar with. C-x r t (for either inserting at a column or replacing in a region) has proven itself particularly useful over the years.