I haven't written much about Scheme lately because I wasn't able to get Guile to compile on my Macs. Today I saw this nice video of Andy Wingo talking about building programs with Scheme and Guile. He discussed the current Guile system and some of his plans for the future. It's a bit less than 40 minutes and worth a watch so if you have any interest in Scheme, I recommend it.

Watching the video inspired me to try compiling Guile again so I downloaded the latest stable source and gave it a go. Of course there were a bunch of GNU libraries that weren't on my OS X system so I had to hunt them up and get them installed but that wasn't much trouble. After that, the configure completed and I was able to compile and install Guile. I brought it up to make sure it was working but I haven't done anything with it yet. I'll write about it a bit more when I've had time to play with it.

If you're on a Mac and gave up on Guile because you couldn't get it to compile, now's a good time to try it again.

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