Blogging with Org Mode

John Louis Del Rosario offers another nice example of blogging with Org Mode. What makes Rosario's solution unique is that he doesn't use Jekyll, Nikola, or any other blogging engine. Rather, he serves static pages to his hosting provider via Dropbox.

The blog is organized as an Org mode project so that the publishing is completely automated. He even auto-generates his index page so that he doesn't have to worry about adding links to new posts. The result is a simple blog but one that requires nothing but a hosting provider.

As Rosario says, he can make things fancier by adding a bit of CSS and adding to his custom site-map function but that can be done as he finds the time and inclination. In the mean time, he has a working site with minimal resources. If you're looking for a very simple way of blogging that still allows you to customize things as you like, take a look at Rosario's post.

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