Blogging with Org Mode and Nikola

I've written before about using Jekyll as a blogging engine (1, 2). It's a nice solution but it's not the only one. Mike Zamansky was using Jekyll but didn't like that he had to maintain a Ruby development environment on all his machines. He doesn't use Ruby except for blogging with Jekyll so he started looking for another solution.

Since he's a Python programmer, Nikola seemed like a good choice. He says it's more complicated than Jekyll but also more powerful. Being a Python programmer, he felt comfortable with the additional complexity. Zamansky is also an Org mode user and wrote his Jekyll posts with it. In this post, he describes how he leverages Org to blog with Nikola.

That turns out to be easier than it was with Jekyll. Head on over to his site to get the details. If you don't want the trouble of dealing with a CMS like WordPress, his solution may meet your needs.

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  • Thanks for sharing my blog an experience. Full disclosure -- while I code mostly in Python, I'm really a full time, long time high school CS Educator.

    Personally, I always get a lot out of the stuff posted here.