The EFF Talks Encryption

Everyone interested in the encryption wars knows that the EFF has done yeoman's service defending our right to have access to strong, uncompromised encryption. Certain parts of the government hate this and insist that they need—for our own good, of course—to be able to read our emails, texts, and other communications.

Recently, the EFF, Access Now, and a few other nonprofits and tech companies met with White House officials seeking to discuss their concerns and to secure a commitment from the administration to ensure Americans the right to have and use strong encryption free of back doors or other crippling measures.

The EFF has posted the results of that discussion and some suggestions for moving forward. They are asking for all those concerned to make your opinions known to the White House through an on-line form. Please take a few minutes to leave a message in support of strong encryption and asking that the FBI and others in the government stop their disingenuous campaign to force tech companies to provide them with back doors and other means of accessing private, encrypted data.

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