Gnus on Windows

As most Emacers know, two of the most difficult things involving Emacs are

  1. Getting it to work well on Windows, and
  2. Configuring and using Gnus.

So, of course, Sacha Chua decided to do both at the same time.

In the above post, Chua goes through the configuration she used to get it all working. Since she keeps her Emacs configuration as an Org file, she just cut the Gnus part right out of the configuration file and pasted it into her post. Yet another benefit of keeping your configuration as an Org file.

If you're working on Windows and want to try out Gnus, take a look at Chua's post. She uses Gmail so you can also see how to get that working with Gnus. Like all of her posts, there's a lot of meat in it so it's worth taking a look even if you aren't interested in Gnus at the moment.


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  • Adam

    Being slightly pedantic here, but still: Gnus has been called "Gnus" (rather than "GNUS") since 1994:

    • jcs

      Fixed. Thanks.