Combining Incremental Search and Query-Replace

Here's a very nice tip from Johan Lindstrom:

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  • abo-abo

    Swiper [1] equivalent is "C-s" to search, "M-j" to pick up words, "M-q" to query-replace.

    I had to rethink the usability of isearch a bit: "C-w" should be `kill-region`, like everywhere. And "M-%" is a 3-key combination for no reason, when there are plenty 2-key combinations available.

    I've also just pushed the same "M-q" interface for `counsel-git-grep`. It's a query-replace for the entire Git repository.


  • disqus_NGUkO53xWm

    thx abo-abo for the M-q tip. i have M-q binded to another global key on my linux machine. whats the command to rebind that key in swiper-mode?