Org Basics III

Ben Maughan has posted the third installment of his series on Org mode basics. This time he considers adding links and images to Org files. As usual, the majority of the presentation is in the form of an Org file so that you can see how the text is entered.

If you're using Org mode for writing—especially if you are going to export it to HTML—being able to easily add links is a very useful thing to be able to do. Most of my posts have multiple links so being able to add then quickly is a real win.

Another nice thing about Emacs and Org mode is that they can display images. Thus, if I want a picture in one of my posts, I can add a link to it in the Org file, type 【Ctrl+c Ctrl+x Ctrl+v】 and have it displayed right in the Org file.

Like the other posts in the series, this one is short so take a couple of minutes to give it a read.

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